Real Rock Army

Janet Voss


Name: Janet Voss

From: Carbondale, IL

About Janet:

Janet likes the wide collection of music that KSHE plays

Janet started listening to KSHE when she would go to Washington, MO to visit her cousins, whom introduced her to the radio station, and she has been hooked since the late 60s

Janet works in the garden center at Lowe’s in Carbondale, IL and she streams KSHE every day when they are open, at least 7 hours a day

Janet has several hobbies, but her one love is photography

Janet grows her own veggies and fruit and she loves the sun

Janet lost both of her children … her oldest in a snowmobile accident in 2/2013 and her other from a broken heart of losing his brother in 2/2017

Janet lives with her boyfriend and they have been together for around 20 years

Janet went to Texas to volunteer for Hurricane Harvey for 2 weeks to help the Lowe’s stores down there

Janet tries to march for causes as much as she can because she believes they are important to society

KSHE songs that get Janet through the day:

Sweet – The Ballroom Blitz
Sweet – Fox On The Run
Brownsville Station – Smokin’ in the Boys Room
Foghat – Slow Ride
Bad Company – Shooting Star
Eagles – Take It Easy
Joe Walsh – Rocky Mountain Way
Kansas – Carry On Wayward Son
Styx – Lady
Pink Floyd – Wish You Were Here


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