Real Rock Army

Jane White

Name: Jane White

From: Hazelwood, MO

Works in Clayton

Jane has been listening to KSHE since 1981. She’s been listening since high school, has traveled the country far and wide, and says it doesn't get better than KSHE. 

Jane loves getting in her car after a long business trip and cranking up the tunes on KSHE! It’s her welcome home. She looks forward to it more than anything else.

Besides the variety of tunes on KSHE, Jane LOVES the air personalities. They really know their rock AND their audience. She really feels like they are with her at work or in the car. She also likes that there is very little turnover and that they have been with the station for a long time.

Jane is transgender and would like to give a shout out to all her trans sisters and brothers out there fighting for acceptance and equality. She wants to tell them to be strong, be yourself, and keep putting your best foot forward – it really does make a difference.

KSHE music that get Jane through the day: 
Sammy Hagar – Plain Jane
Rush – Tom Sawyer & Fly by Night
Chicago – Beginnings, Questions 67 and 68, & Saturday in the Park Van Halen – Cradle Will Rock & Runnin' With the Devil
Styx – Come Sail Away
Heart – Magic Man & Barracuda

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