Real Rock Army

Jan Wheeler of Union, MO

Jan Wheeler Rra

Jan Wheeler of Union, MO joined the Real Rock Army today!

Jan loves everything about KSHE including the KSHE Klassics

Jan says KSHE has it all … from the DJs, the music, the concerts and KSHE Schtuff

Jan is a mother to 4 kids … Dwanna, Amy, Brittany and Matt

Jan has 10 grandkids, 2 great grand babies and twin great grand babies

Jan’s best friend is her ex-husband Gary Clapoer

Jan is retired now after working many years in auto body shops

Jan know the 3 best auto body techs ever … Dwayne Doyle in Union, David Clapper in Pacific and the best ever Matt Doyle (her son) in Eureka

Jan had the greatest bosses ever, Butch & Danny Shadrick, and their shop played KSHE every day

KSHE songs Jan wanted to hear today:

Def Leppard – Too late For Love
Missouri – Movin’ On
Kim Mitchell – Go For a Soda

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