Real Rock Army

Jamie Vieth-Needham of Edwardsville, IL


Jamie Vieth-Needham of Edwardsville, IL joined the Real Rock Army today!

Jamie likes all the classic rock that KSHE plays all the time

Jamie says KSHE plays songs many other classic rock stations over look

Jamie works at a veterinary hospital and is in college currently studying to be an RN with a specialty in radiology technology

Jamie’s family has a family farm that has been running for many, many years and all of them are classic rock junkies! It’s all they listen to in the tractors

Jamie’s husband is a musician and his greatest achievement so far has been opening for Styx and Foreigner a few years back

Jamie enjoys going to concerts and her favorite ones to date have been Eagles and Guns N’ Roses

Jamie also enjoys fishing, camping, painting, and caring for animals

KSHE songs Jamie wanted to hear today:

Van Halen – Jump
Eric Clapton – Cocaine
Guns N’ Roses – Sweet Child O’ Mine

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