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James Pickering “Pick” Dovel Shearburn of Webster Groves, MO


James Pickering “Pick” Dovel Shearburn of Webster Groves, MO joined the Real Rock Army today!

James likes the tradition of KSHE and the DJs through the years … Prince Knight, U-Man, Radio Rich, JC, Smash, Joe Mama, Mark Klose, etc.

James enjoys the 7th Day and the KSHE Klassics Show

James loves radio and he has been listening his entire life. He is fascinated by the old tubes and grandmas old console radio. He found a short wave in the attic when he was 5 and his brother and him listened late into the night

James says when the Beatles were on Ed Sullivan, everything changed for him in three minutes. When KSHE hit the air in 1967, his group would gather around the kids who had an FM radio, usually long consoles with record players. He got his first new transistor radio in December 1967 for his birthday and listened to KSHE through his mono earphone run under his shirt in school. KSHE and the LPs played were the soundtrack of his teen years along with everything else that happened in the 60s

James says Prince Knight picked him up hitchhiking to a rock concert in Heyworth, IL near Bloomington in late 1970. They had a very enlightening ride up 55 and 66 to the Lewis Farm, the site of the Kickapoo Creek Rock Concert

James says KSHE has been a part of his life since it started. It was a cultural force that changed everything about radio in St. Louis

James is still married to his high school sweetheart, who he met when he was 14, married at 19. Her mom’s car had an FM radio and they made out to KSHE all the time. His family only had AM, so we drove her car. They have two sons, raised on KSHE, both musicians, doing great and enjoying life. No grandkids yet

James is a former USMC, a guitar player in many local rock n’ roll bands, country and blues as well. He loves live music and has seen many of the greats such as Led Zeppelin, The Who, The Rolling Stones and Pink Floyd

James has worked in telecommunications for thirty plus years, working as fundraiser for DEAF, Inc., local non-profit serving the deaf and hard of hearing

James enjoys playing at coffee houses and open mics, church and the occasional blues show at Rte. 61, BBH or other local clubs

James is looking forward to retiring, playing more guitar, hanging with his family and listening to KSHE for a few more decades

KSHE songs James wanted to hear today:

Eagles – Life in the Fast Lane
The Rolling Stones – You Can’t Always Get What You Want
Eagles – Heartache Tonight

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