Real Rock Army

Jake Wilson

Name: Jake Wilson

From: Granite City, IL

Works at: United States Steel

Jake has been listening to KSHE for as long as he can remember. He is only 23 but he remembers listening to KSHE with his Dad on the way to elementary school. He has kept a true rock and roll heart and soul all through those years. 

Jake loves KSHE’s music selection of course, but he also loves the interaction and contests us KSHE rock and roll enthusiasts put on. 

Jake would love to give a shout out to everyone at United States Steel in Granite City! He says without them, KSHE wouldn’t have the metal equipment to air great music and make everyone’s lives better!

KSHE songs that get Jake through the day: 
Journey – Lights & City Of The Angels
Def Leppard – Photograph & Pour Some Sugar On Me
.38 Special – Hold On Loosely
Rush – Tom Sawyer

Congratulations to Jake Wilson our Listener of the Day for Friday, March 20, 2015!

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