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Howard Watson

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Name: Howard Watson

From: St. Peters, MO

Works at: Midwest Equity Mortgage

Howard has been listening to KSHE since he was 7 or 8 years old – since ‘70 or ‘71!  His 2 older brothers got him hooked on KSHE!

Howard says KSHE is the only true Rock & Roll station in town, and that the DJs and music are simply better than the competition!  He’s never strayed from KSHE!

Howard is married to his best friend, Karen, and has 2 great kids, Maddie and Danny!

Howard is on the board of the Adam Morgan Foundation for children with autism –

KSHE songs that get Howard through the day!

Supertramp – Rudy

Mama’s Pride – Blue Mist

REO Speedwagon – Golden Country

Collective Soul – Shine

Sammy Hagar – Red & Where Eagles Fly

Rush – The Trees

Deep Purple – Highway Star

Pavlov’s Dog – Julia

Rolling Stones – Angie 

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