Real Rock Army

Howard Teasley

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Name: Howard Teasley

From: Park Hills, MO

Works at: Walgreens Pharmacy

About Howard:

Howard discovered what FM radio was back in 1975. He found KSHE and was hooked!

Howard likes the fact that KSHE stays true to REAL ROCK RADIO (Classic rock) and that we love our fans as much as they love us!

Howard is 53 years old and lived in St. Louis as a young kid on the corner of Compton and Cherokee St.!

Howard loves most kinds of music, but classic rock is what soothes his soul!

Howard likes helping others. He says he is easy to get along with and loves meeting people and most people he meets like him!

KSHE songs that get Howard through the day:

Anything by Shooting Star and Tom Petty, any early stuff by Bad Company and Rush

Congratulations to Howard Teasley from Park Hills, MO, our “Listener of the Day”!

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