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Harlee Scherrer

@ Lod Graphic 98639

Name: Harlee Scherrer

From: Festus, MO

Works at: Babler State Park in Wildwood

About Harlee:

Harlee’s earliest memory of listening to KSHE was when he was 9. His dad would drive to all of his Boy Scout events and they’d jam to KSHE!

Harlee says on his drives back from college at Mizzou, he would always switch from his iPod to KSHE as soon as he reached Wentzville, MO as soon as he could pick up the station. His favorite thing about moving back home was KSHE!

Harlee’s favorite thing about KSHE is the music. He love that he can tune in everyday and listen all day long, because everyday is NO REPEAT DAY!

KSHE songs that get Harlee through the day:

Maggie May by Rod Stewart, Life’s Been Good by Joe Walsh, Take It Easy by Eagles, Glory Days by the Boss, American Girl by Tom Petty

Congratulations to Harlee Scherrer from Festus, MO, our “Listener of the Day”!

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