Real Rock Army

Hard Chargin’ George Fields


Name: Hard Chargin’ George Fields

From: Sandoval, IL

Works at: New Metal Fabrication in Centralia, IL

About George:

George started listening to KSHE around 1986/87 … his senior year of high school.   

When George’s wife changes the station in the car, he changes it back to KSHE the next time he’s in it.   

George loves the Real Rock that KSHE plays, and he thinks that the U-Man’s knowledge of rock is 2nd to none! He also loves that KSHE plays newer bands along with the classic Rock.

George says he’s a metal head and a gamer; his two passions, after family.

KSHE songs that get George through the day:

Too many songs to be specific.  Favorite bands: Queen; Led Zeppelin; The Rolling Stones; Tesla; and Anything pre-2000 Aerosmith

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