Real Rock Army

Gwynne Mayfield of Garfield, AR

Gwynne Mayfield Rra

Gwynne Mayfield of Garfield, AR joined the Real Rock Army today!

Brought to you by … Tim Surdyke’s Gold Star Harley-Davidson and Outdoors. Celebrating fifty years of serving the community

Gwynne has been listening to KSHE since she was a teen and she likes that KSHE has always been there for her thru all these years + she loves Sweetmeat

Gwynne was born in St. Louis and grew up in South county when it was still farm land and then her parents moved them out to Villa Ridge

Gwynne moved out to Cape Hateras, NC after high school and partied and surfed for 6 years before she came back to MO and went to Mizzou to study animal science

Gwynne is now married to #2, again to a man from Arkansas. He is a retired Master Sergeant, US Army 1st Cavalry Division, now serving as a stable boy and master horse poop scooper

Gwynne had a daughter that recently passed away at age 24 and her husband has 3 sons

Gwynne has been self employed for 30 years and has a stable, Wild Hearts Equine, where she trains and breeds Arabian horses and Bouvier Des Flanders dogs

Gwynne has a small farm in Arkansas and they are currently working on being a veteran horse therapy place

Gwynne does some blacksmithing projects and crafts as well as growing vegetables for a farmers market as well as preserving for themselves

Gwynne loves to hike and did a section hike on the Appalachian Trail last year as a memorial hike for her daughter Ali

Gwynne loves fishing and hunting and is just an all-over nature lover and conservationist. She would love for someday to be completely self sustained

Gwynne comes back up to MO often and goes to as many concerts that she can

Gwynne always has KSHE cranked up in her barn and she really think the horses and other critters would be lost without it

KSHE songs Gwynne wanted to hear today:

Ozzy Osbourne – See You on the Other Side
Sammy Hagar – Give to Live
Meat Loaf – Paradise by the Dashboard Light

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