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Graham Heitman

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Name: Graham Heitman

From: St. Peters, MO 

Graham has been a KSHE listener his whole life because his parents raised him right! He listens every single day and has for years! He loves the music and DJs of KSHE! He says U-man and Lern make his mornings every day! 

Graham is getting married to the love of his life Renee Hase on May 7th this year! He loves Pink Floyd and never misses an El Monstero show! He is a huge Cardinals fan and an even bigger Blues fan! LGB! He also loves to hunt, fish, and do anything outdoors!

KSHE songs that get Graham through the day: 
Ted Nugent – Stranglehold
The Who – Won’t Get Fooled Again
Rush – Tom Sawyer
ZZ Top – La Grange
Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody
Any song by Pink Floyd

Congratulations to Graham Heitman, 'Listener of the Day' for Wednesday, March 30, 2016!

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