Real Rock Army

Glenn Dodge

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Name: Glenn Dodge

From: Troy, IL

Works at: Burger King

About Glenn:

Glenn has been listening to KSHE ever since he moved from Virginia to Troy, IL in 2008. He says he hasn’t come across any other rock stations as cool as KSHE!

Glenn is a typical high school student who plays nothing but Rock to and from school…and just about everywhere he goes!

Glenn blasts the radio every time there’s a Pink Floyd song on KSHE!

KSHE songs that get Glenn through the day:

Pink Floyd – Alan’s Psychedelic Breakfast, Dogs, Learning To Fly, & Sheep; Led Zeppelin – No Quarter & Going To California; Van Halen – Dance The Night Away & Runnin’ With The Devil; Def Leppard – Photograph; Boston – Peace Of Mind 

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