Real Rock Army

Geoffrey Lux of Granite City, IL


Geoffrey Lux of Granite City, IL joined the Real Rock Army today … brought to you by Sievers Equipment and Sievers JCB!

Geoffrey says KSHE has been playing on his radio since he was little and he goes back to the Smash days. He remembers going to the KSHE Real Rock Cafe and the KSHE Schtuff Store when it was in Fairview Heights

Geoffrey likes that KSHE has been around forever and will continue to be for generations! KSHE is the reason St. Louis is the real rock radio epicenter of the world

Geoffrey says KSHE was the soundtrack of his childhood to his adult years and introduced him to the world of music

Geoffrey is an avid concert goer with Nikki Lux

Geoffrey is a collector of music and other oddities

Geoffrey is a dad of two daughters

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