Real Rock Army

Gary Frueh of St. Clair, MO


Gary Frueh of St. Clair, MO joined the Real Rock Army today!

Brought to you by … Tim Surdyke’s Gold Star Harley-Davidson and Outdoors. Celebrating fifty years of serving the community

Gary likes the KSHE Morning Rock Show, the KSHE Klassics Show, Favazz Files, but most of all the 7th Day

Gary tells everybody he sees about KSHE and how long it’s been around. He grew up with KSHE and doesn’t really remember any other stations

Gary worked at Chrysler for 15 years until they shut down and then decided to go trucking. He has been trucking for 10 years now and he loves it. He drive for Dynamic Transit out of Granite City

Gary missed KSHE when he first started driving. He did satellite radio for a while, listened to stations across the country, then came the internet and he bought a tablet and has been happy ever since

Gary met his girlfriend in Maine and she moved down here. She doesn’t get the KSHE thing, but he tells her it’s a St. Louis thing you wouldn’t understand, so just listen

Gary proudly puts KSHE stickers on his truck. When people asks him about them, he tells them about the station’s history and Sweatmeat, helping to spread the word about KSHE

KSHE songs Gary wanted to hear today:

Foghat – Fool for the City
Nirvana – Smells Like Teen Spirit
REO Speedwagon – Golden Country

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