Real Rock Army

Frank Tucci

Name: Frank Tucci

From: Fenton, MO

Works at: St. Louis University

Frank started listening to KSHE in 1984 when he was just a freshman in high school. He remembers visiting KSHE in Crestwood and has been going to KSHE Blood Drives since 1989!

Frank says KSHE plays an amazing variety of rock! He likes how KSHE has evolved as Rock n Roll music has changed over the years and how KSHE has outlasted other stations that tried to copy them. 

Frank loves Hair Bands, so he loves that KSHE still plays the music from the 80s. 

Frank thinks the KSHE DJs are exceptional. 

Frank married his high school sweetheart. They are both enormous Kiss fans! Because of KSHE, Frank was able to dedicate the song "Forever" to his wife, Liz, before a KISS concert in STL. That song was played at their wedding reception. 

KSHE songs that get Frank through the day: 
KISS – Forever, Rise to It & Psycho Circus
Sammy Hagar – High Hopes
Van Halen – Don’t Tell Me & Panama
Boston – More Than A Feeling
Poison – Fallen Angel

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