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Floyd Hurd

Floyd Hurd Rrh

Name: Floyd Hurd

From: Olivette, MO

About Floyd:

Floyd was a Staff Sergeant – Marines – Vietnam Vet; Sergeant – Army – Police action in Korea

Floyd was nominated by a co-worker at Custom Alternatives (general contractor) in Olivette

Floyd’s friend gives him a hard time asking him what side he fought for, North or South? Or if he rode with Paul Revere to warn us about the British coming? Floyd takes it and dishes it back out

Floyd’s friend says he did not want him to nominate him. Floyd does not think of himself as a hero. He says the real heroes, and the ones we need to say thank you to, are the men and women, first responders, and military that did not get to go home that night. They are the real heroes. Keep them alive, never forget! Floyd says he just did what he was suppose to do

Floyd is one of those guys that would do anything to help anyone and not expect anything in return. He doesn’t know a stranger. When he walks onto the job site, he always has a smile and the women love him. I guess if they are into the OLD man thing LOL!!!

Floyd likes that KSHE still plays all his favorite rock ’n roll

Floyd often wonders what St. Louis would be like without KSHE … he couldn’t imagine it

Floyd can’t wait for Friday’s to come around and listen to Party Town and Bang the Drum All Day … it gets him all hyped up for the weekend

Floyd loves the Klassics and wonders what KSHE will do when U-Man retires

Floyd thinks Lern is funny and loves it when she picks on John

Floyd likes Friday’s with Favazz and the way they pick on one another and have fun on the air

Floyd likes going to see and listening to his son’s (Brian Hurd) band, Daddy Long Legs

Floyd loves bowling, watching NASCAR races, the Blues, Cardinals and visiting with family and friends

KSHE songs that get Floyd through the day:

Pink Floyd – Mother
Pink Floyd – Run Like Hell
Pink Floyd – Have A Cigar
Eagles – Hotel California
Eagles – Seven Bridges Road
Eagles – New Kid in Town
Fleetwood Mac – The Chain
Fleetwood Mac – Go Your Own Way
AC/DC – Back In Black
Led Zeppelin – Houses of the Holy
Mama’s Pride – Blue Mist
Ozzy Osbourne – Crazy Train