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Eric Belland

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Name: Eric Belland

From: Swansea, IL

Works at: Assistant Fire Chief at Scott Air Force Base

Eric has listened to KSHE all over the world! Each time he’s been deployed or stationed overseas he still listens online! 

Eric has been listening since he was first stationed here in 1999! 

Eric loves how KSHE is the only station that plays Kiss on a regular basis! He likes listening to the U-man and Lern on his way to work, and the Daily Dose of Zeppelin in the evening!

KSHE songs that get Eric through the day!

Kiss – Love Guns; Richie Callison – Run Back; AC/DC – Highway to Hell; Def Leppard – Rock of Ages; Whitesnake – Still of the Night; .38 Special – Hold on Loosely; Sammy Hagar – There’s Only One Way to Rock; Foghat – Slow Ride; Motley Crew – Live Wire; Ratt – Wanted Man

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