Real Rock Army

Emily Jean Henry

Name: Emily Jean Henry

From: St. Louis, MO

Emily has been listening to KSHE since she was in a car seat! Her dad introduced her to KSHE when she was little and it’s been in her blood ever since!

Thanks to the amazing DJs and the amazing selection of music, the tone of KSHE makes Emily feel like a badass and she can conquer the world!

Emily is a college student at Loyola University New Orleans. Even though she is living in New Orleans, she still listens to KSHE every day! She is studying Music Industry Studies and wants to bring back the elements of classic rock that are missing from the world today. She will be a Rockstar!

Emily plans to get the last two lines of Rush's chorus of Freewill tattooed on her in her dad's handwriting… as soon as he finally agrees to do so…

KSHE songs that get Emily through the day: 
Rush – Freewill
Pink Floyd – Goodbye Blue Skies & Time
The Doors – Touch Me
Kansas – What’s on My Mind

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