Real Rock Army

Ellen Riebeling

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Name: Ellen Riebeling

From: New Athens, IL

Occupation: Application Developer

About Ellen:

Ellen is a rocker, and she started listening to KSHE sometime in the 70s.

The U-Man and the 7th Day are Ellen’s favorite things about KSHE … and the Real Rock, of course!

Ellen enjoys hearing music she hasn’t heard before or that she doesn’t hear often – like the last song on the B-side – so she really enjoys listening to the KSHE Klassics.  She’s accumulated a good sized music library of songs she first heard on KSHE.

KSHE songs that get Ellen through the day:

Prism – Armageddon; Foo Fighters -Walk, My Hero; Blackfoot -Train, Train; Black Sabbath – Neon Knights; Creedence Clearwater Revival – The Midnight Special; Trapeze – Medusa; Metallica – Enter Sandman; AC/DC – Who Made Who; Madison Rising -The Star Spangled Banner

Congratulations to Ellen Riebeling from New Athens, IL, our “Listener of the Day”!

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