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Don Renner of St. James, MO


Don Renner of St. James, MO became a Real Rock Hero in the Real Rock Army today!

Don served 20 years in U.S. Army, Infantry, Leader, Recruiter, Drill Sergeant. He rode with the Patriot Guard until health slowed him down

Don is a Volunteer Firefighter and Emergency Response Team Member

Don says there’s no one best hero or service. We joke about each other in friendly terms, but in the end we’re all on the same team, just different squads

Don started listening to KSHE in the fall of 1973. He carried a radio into art class at Lindbergh High School and the guys in class asked what he was listening to (KXOK). They asked him to change the channel to KSHE and he’s been corrupted since

Don had 4 hours of KSHE on tape so he could tune in while stationed at Ft. Carson in Colorado Springs, CO. He was close to being late several times because he was going by taped time, instead of real time

Don likes KSHE because of the variety, classic rock, community involvement and the great history with St. Louis

Don visited the KSHE studios in Crestwood a couple of times as a teen

Don is married to a girl he dumped while at Lindbergh High School 30 years after the fact. They were both divorced at the same time and he asked her out again and they now have 4 kids and 4 awesome grandsons

Don’s hobbies include anything outdoors, especially if there’s a river nearby

KSHE songs Don wanted to hear today:

Mötley Crüe – Girls Girls Girls
Derek and the Dominos – Layla
Alice Cooper – Poison


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