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Diane Branham


Name: Diane Branham

From: Cottage Hills, IL

About Diane:

Diane has been listening to KSHE since DAY ONE! She remembers going to school and telling everyone about the NEW radio station she just discovered

Diane loves everything about KSHE, especially hearing the songs that have helped her on the travels of her life

Diane has been married to Don for over 26 years. Took a while but she found her soul mate and they love riding Harley’s

Diane’s husband Don is retiring from his job next Friday July 26th & he’s so ready to punch that time clock for the last time! She says they will be riding in the wind with KSHE blasting the tunes as they head on down the highways and byways

Diane’s son, Butch McMaster, grew up on her rock n’ roll & taught himself how to play guitar & double-bass drums. She says he was one of the best drummers anyone had ever heard and was in local band Cottonmouth. They lost him in an accident in 2001

Diane other son was Lee Branham. They lost him in a motorcycle accident in 2004

Diane is in ABATE helping fight for everyone’s motorcyclists’ rights in Illinois

Diane has won many prizes from KSHE over the years. She’s with John Ulett in telling people they had dinner with Rob Halford of Judas Priest. They got to meet him when he was in ‘Fight’ and see his show at the legendary Mississippi Nights

Diane was one of the finalist in the Harley Davidson giveaway at Quincy’s Hawg Pit Barbeque Barn in Grafton on August 12th, 2014. She didn’t win but says it was so much fun

Diane was at the very last ‘Party Town’ at Union Station before the big move and she’ll never forget Don getting the phone call bumping them up to 2nd row seats to Roger Waters

Diane says music helps her get through to the next day. She doesn’t know what she would do without having KSHE to listen to everyday

KSHE songs that get Diane through the day:

Jerry Doucette – Mama Let Him Play
April Wine – Roller
Slade – Mama Weer All Crazy Now
Robin Trower – Too Rolling Stoned
The Doors – L.A. Woman
The Doors – Roadhouse Blues
Mason Proffit – Two Hangmen
Ted Nugent – Great White Buffalo
Ted Nugent – Stranglehold
The Who – Behind Blue Eyes
REO Speedwagon – Back On The Road Again
Alice Cooper – No More Mr. Nice Guy
Kiss – Detroit Rock City
Bob Seger- Night Moves
Head East – Never Been Any Reason
George Thorogood – Bad To The Bone
Triumph – Magic Power
Jefferson Airplane – White Rabbit


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