Real Rock Army

Dessa Paris

Name: Dessa Paris

From: St. Louis, MO

Works at: City of St Louis Water Division as an Accountant

Dessa and her parents moved from an Air Force Base in Oklahoma to St. Louis in 1967. She’s been listening to KSHE ever since!

KSHE takes Dessa to a better place every day! She says Classic Rock and Roll never goes out of style!

Dessa dressed up as Spud McKenzie in 1986 while working as a bank teller. She would like to bring Spud back. And now she’s the cycling gal on the latest AARP commercial.

KSHE songs that get Dessa through the day: 
The Guess Who – American Woman
Mountain – Mississippi Queen
Ram Jam – Black Betty
The Rolling Stones – Brown Sugar
Van Morrison – Brown Eyed Girl

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