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Dawn Gass

Name: Dawn Gass

From: Granite City, IL 

Works at: Dawn has worked as a Secretary at R.K. Stratman for 13 years. They are a family owned Harley-Davidson licensee for apparel and located in Wentzville MO. They are great people to work for!

Dawn has been listening to KSHE for 45 years, since she was 9 years old when her older sisters starting listening. She doesn’t listen to any other station.

Dawn loves KSHE music. She loves the Klassics Show with John. She listens every Sunday. It brings back of lot of memories. She likes John and Lern in the morning and she likes to listen to JP on Friday and Saturday nights. Dawn usually gives him a call when partying with friends.

Dawn is a huge Sammy Hagar fan. She has been to all his concerts in St. Louis (except for 2) since she was 15. She got to meet him once at a book signing. She would love to go to Cabo on his birthday one year.

KSHE songs that get Dawn through the day:

Sammy Hagar – Can't Drive 55 & Poundcake
Bon Jovi – Blaze of Glory & Livin’ on a Prayer
3 Doors Down – It’s Not My Time
Van Halen – Summer Nights

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