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David Fromme

David Fromme Rra

David Fromme from Hazelwood, MO joined the Real Rock Army today!

David says KSHE has been part of his life since he was about 9, way back in 1975

David heard Kiss for the first time at a friend’s house and he was hooked. Before that, all they knew was country music, because his dad would not allow any other stations. His parents split back then, and his mom was a rock & roller, so once dad was out, the radio went to KSHE and stayed there and he has been listening ever since

David says some of his fondness memories growing up involve KSHE and hanging out with friends in Webster Groves, Kirkwood, SoCo, and South City

David says they hung out everywhere as teens in the 80s and KSHE was always on

David loves concerts and his favorite was JD Blackfoot, live in St. Louis. They then went to meet him at the Smoke Shop in Webster to get their names put on the album

David lives in Hazelwood with his long time fiancé (wife in some states, 22 years) and an 11 year old daughter, who listens to KSHE too, but not as much as he would like her to

David comes from a family of nine brothers and sisters, a blend of two families brought together as one. They are spread out all across the country, but they all remain close. 4 of them have served in the United States Navy, including himself. His Sister and older brother have retired out, and his younger brother will retire soon

David works IT for a large travel company in Maryland Heights and when he’s not geeking out on computers, he goes to his first love, working with wood and creating kick ass things

KSHE songs David wanted to hear today:

Kiss – Rock And Roll All Nite
ZZ Top – Cheap Sunglasses
Moxy – Sail On, Sail Away

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