Real Rock Army

David Blackwell


Name: David Blackwell

From: Granite City, IL

Works at: Olin-Winchester

Dave began listening to KSHE when he was in high school during the mid-70s!

Dave likes how KSHE is good for kids of all ages! He says that his kids never ask him to change the radio!

Dave says KSHE gets him through his day, his night, his daily drive, his work; pretty much his life!

KSHE songs that get Dave through the day!

Stevie Ray Vaughn – Texas Flood; AC/DC – Back in Black; James Gang – Walk Away; REO Speedwagon – Music Man; Bob Seger – Feel Like a Number; Van Halen – Best of Both Worlds – Panama; Creed – Weathered; Metallica – Where Ever I May Roam; Megadeth – Angry Again

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