Real Rock Army

Dave Reed


Name: Dave Reed

From: St. Charles, MO

Works at: Veolia Water in Edwardsville

Although Dave has only been in St. Louis since 2008, he’s been listening to KSHE for over 30 years! He tells everyone he knows that KSHE is the best station in the WORLD! KSHE understands the One Way to Rock!

Dave says KSHE never plays a bad song and always guarantees good music. He thanks his lucky stars that he can hear KSHE every day!

Dave listens to John and Lern in the morning. He likes to go to concerts and has met Lern there a few times. He says she’s always friendly and would remember him from previous shows.

KSHE songs that get Dave through the day: 
Van Halen – Top of the World
Tesla – What You Give
Sammy Hagar – One Way to Rock
Chickenfoot – Future in the Past
Montrose – Space Station #5
Anything by Sammy Hagar, Chickenfoot, Van Halen, Montrose, or Hagar Schon Aaronson Shrieve

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