Real Rock Army

Danielle Harris of St. Peters, MO


Danielle Harris of St. Peters, MO joined the Real Rock Army today!

Danielle has been a listener since she was about 5

Danielle loves A.D. in the mornings + Favazz and U-Man

Danielle entered in lieu of her dad, Ken Smith, who had been a loyal listener and KSHE Krazie! He passed in November 2021 and always had KSHE blasting wherever he was. She hasn’t changed her radio station from KSHE since he passed. Her pic is with her dad

Danielle has 3 boys (17, 12 and 6)

Danielle has an awesome job as an X-ray tech in a busy orthopedic office. When she’s not there, she’s at the ball field with the boys and you can find her on the Huzzah River in the summers

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