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Daniel “Dano” Ashton

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Name: Daniel Dano” Ashton

From: Joplin, MO

Works at: Crosslines Ministries in Joplin, MO…an organization that offers a food pantry, clothing, toiletries, and more. 

About Dano:

Dano started listening to KSHE in 1969, when he moved to Missouri from California.

Dano attended the KSHE Kite Flies at Forest Park. He says it was an awesome experience!  

Now, Dano streams KSHE daily from Joplin, MO. He says KSHE is the best station he’s ever listened to!

Dano wears KSHE t-shirts all the time and has KSHE stickers all over his apartment.

Dano loves that KSHE plays all of his favorite music all of the time. He especially likes the hair bands played during the Hair Jordan show.

KSHE songs that get Dano through the day:

Rush – In The Mood; Van Halen – Ice Cream Man; UFO – Natural Thing; ZZ Top Beer Drinkers & Hell Raisers – La Grange; Angel – Tower; Anything by Montrose, Anything with Rob Halford, Slash, and Myles Kennedy    

Congratulations to Dano Ashton from Joplin, MO, our “Listener of the Day”!

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