Real Rock Army

Dana Hampton


Name: Dana Hampton

From: Dittmer, MO

About Dana:

Dana likes KSHE because it’s never the same songs played over and over and over until she pukes

Dana is a rockin’ mom of a beautiful young woman, Taylor. She has blessed her with 2 wonderful grandchildren and her oldest knows her music because her mother knows her music

Dana says it is funny to think back when her daughter was child. She can remember driving around with a “caution” sign hanging in her car that said “KSHE Rocker On Board,” not “Baby On Board” like every other new mother

Dana says as her daughter grew to be a teenager, she found her iPod with a playlist including many of songs from listening to KSHE in mom’s car. You can say, they are 3 generations of KSHE soldiers

KSHE songs that get Dana through the day:

Argent – Hold Your Head Up
Van Halen – Right Now
Aerosmith – Livin’ On The Edge
Alice In Chains – Your Decision
Stone Temple Pilots – Interstate Love Song
Shooting Star – Hollywood
Guns N’ Roses – Live And Let Die
Santana – Smooth ft. Rob Thomas
Mama’s Pride – Blue Mist
REO Speedwagon – Keep Pushin’
Sammy Hagar – Remember the Heroes


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