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Dan Mosley

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Name: Dan Mosley

From: Herculaneum, MO

Works at: US Transportation Command, Scott Air Force Base

About Dan:

Dan started listening to KSHE the very first year in 1967!

Dan likes the fact that that KSHE has survived 50 years of Rock and Roll, especially when everything became so commercial and the music business became crap!

Dan is a collector and a musician and loves the blues, but no longer plays except at home for himself. He owns more than 70 guitars, 7 amps, drums, a mixing board and more in his personal collection!

Dan is a KSHE inaugural listener. He began listening in1967 when the station became a hard rock format. He lived two buildings west of Papa Duchez’s Barbeque on Olive at the west end of the Square. Chuck Barry used to frequent Papa’s restaurant. He hung out with KSHE DJs, Jack Davis (The Late Bob Scaggs), and the Late Prince Knight. He hung with he Allman Brothers Band when they played at Whisky-A-GoGo in Gaslight Square. Marvin Hohman (AKA Crazy Marvin) and him hung and partied specifically with Duane Allman. One night Marvin, a woman named Donna, Duane and him were out on the town. Suddenly, Donna and Duane disappeared. She eventually became his wife and had his son who lives here in St. Louis!

Dan says when Big Brother and the Holding Company came to St. Louis, he met Peter Albin, the bass player and when the concert ended, he jammed with them all night at our apartment on East Gate off Delmar in U City. He also met and spoke with Janis Joplin prior to the concert they gave at the Pavilion on Art Hill in Forest Park. The sixties were great because the artists were real people and they mixed and partied with us!

KSHE songs that get Dan through the day:

Blinded by the Light, Dust in the Wind, Bat Out of Hell, By the Dashboard Light, Fat Bottom Girls, We are the Champions, Werewolves of London, Amphetamine Annie, Sunshine of Your Love, Piece of My Heart

Congratulations to Dan Mosley from Herculaneum, MO, our “Listener of the Day”!

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