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Courtney Huskey

Name: Courtney Huskey

From: Troy, IL

Courtney is a traditional barber at Eaker's Barbershop in Edwardsville, IL

Courtney grew up listening to KSHE. Her dad always had KSHE on the radio when he would take her to soccer practices and games. 

Courtney and her husband have KSHE preset in all of their vehicles and never change the station. They had KSHE on the day they brought their daughter home from the hospital. The first song Vivian ever heard was Bad Motor Scooter by Sammy Hagar.

Courtney loves all of the music KSHE plays and how KSHE has the perfect mix of new and old. She listens to U-Man and Lern every morning on her way to work.

Courtney is happily married to her best friend, Todd. When they first met, they were drawn to each other by their mutual love for KSHE and all of the bands they have in common. She has an awesome stepson, Brent, and daughter Vivian that just turned one in October.  

KSHE artists that get Courtney through the day: 
Whitesnake – Still of the Night
Pink Floyd – Wish You Were Here
Alice Cooper – Poison
Queen – Killer Queen
Mötley Crüe – Don't Go Away Mad

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