Real Rock Army

Claire Effinger


Name: Claire Effinger

From: Saint Ann, MO

About Claire:

Claire has been listening to KSHE pretty much since the beginning thanks to some older siblings with excellent taste in music

Claire likes KSHE’s community involvement like the Blood Drives

Claire likes the KSHE Klassics Show on Sunday mornings

Claire says KSHE has great history

Claire likes all the KSHE giveaways and prizes

Claire is a retired teacher

Claire spends a lot of time caring for her parents. They have been married over 71 years

Claire enjoys supporting the Cardinals and Blues

Claire likes going to see live music

Claire spends a lot of time outdoors; camping, floating, and hiking. She says there is nothing like campfire, stars and great tunes

KSHE songs that get Claire through the day:

April Wine – I Like to Rock | That’s why I listen to KSHE!
Bad Company – Rock Steady | Paul Rogers is my boyfriend but he doesn’t know it
The Beatles – Here Comes The Sun | Seems appropriate after 10 inches of snow
Collective Soul – Gel | That song rocks!
Dan Fogelberg – Phoenix | This song has a lot of personal meaning and connection
Joan Jett – Bad Reputation | Gotta represent the women who rock
Molly Hatchet – Gator Country | I think the lyrics are clever
The Offspring – Come Out And Play | Fun song
UFO – Shoot Shoot | I love this band
Eric Clapton – The Core | My husband passed away in 2013. This was “our song”)


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