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Cindy Miller

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Name: Cindy Miller

From: St. Louis, MO

Cindy began listening to KSHE when she was in grade school in the late 70s!

Cindy’s dad wasn’t happy when she put a KSHE sticker on her old record player when she was young! He couldn’t get it off without breaking it so it stayed there until it stopped working!

She introduced an implant from another state to KSHE while at a party at her party. The friend said they loved Cindy’s musical selection but they were actually listening to KSHE 95. Her friend has been a fan of the station ever since.

Cindy loves listening to Lern and Uman in the morning. Lern always makes her laugh! The DJ’s are always giving little nuggets of information about the bands they are playing!

KSHE songs that get Cindy through the day:

AC/DC – It's a Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock 'N' Roll)

Tom Petty – Breakdown

Red Hot Chili Peppers – Californication

Led Zeppelin – Nobody’s Fault But Mine

Blue October – Hate Me

Rush – Freewill

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