Real Rock Army

Christopher Barnhart

Name: Christopher Barnhart

From: St. Louis, MO

Christopher works at Interface Security Systems. Now that he’s Listener of the Day, Christopher wants his friends to finally agree that KSHE is the best radio station. 

He has been listening to KSHE since his parents drove him home from the hospital as a newborn.

He loves to say Rocktober instead of October any chance he gets!

Christopher loves all the great rock that KSHE plays, the knowledgeable DJ’s and the tradition of the station that’s been through every stage of his life.

KSHE songs that get Christopher through the day:

Boston – Foreplay/Long Time

Toto – Hold the Line

The Rolling Stones – Gimme Shelter

Edgar Winters Group – Frankenstein

Van Halen – Eruption/You Really Got Me

Congratulations to Christopher Barnhart Listener of the Day for Thursday, January 21, 2016!

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