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Christine Trentmann

Christine Trentmann Rra

Name: Christine Trentmann

From: Augusta, MO

About Christine:

Christine likes the KSHE Morning Rock Show and she loves voting in the Brack-offs. She says Lern and John get her through her mornings

Christine loves trying to become a judge on KSHE Court! (She has been several times)

Christine streams KSHE all day, every day, at work

Christine has been listening to KSHE since she was adopted at age 6 months, (adopted in 1965, KSHE began when she was 2). Her dad was a DIE HARD KSHE fan and she has kept his tradition of setting every button on her stereo to 94.7! There is no “cruising the radio” in my truck – only KSHE

Christine works at the wonderful School District of Washington as a school nurse. She has been an RN for nearly 30 years, and have worked also in hospitals and in MD offices – always with infants and children

Christine loves to crochet, and read, and rock out on KSHE

Christine has 3 great kids and an awesome husband (even though he has turned COUNTRY on her – this is difficult to forgive, but he is her husband of 30 years this year also

Christine’s kids are out of college and grown and listen to KSHE when with her, and they hate to admit it, but they know most of the songs KSHE plays

KSHE songs that get Christine through the day:

Pink Floyd – Wish You Were Here
Lynyrd Skynyrd – Sweet Home Alabama
Creedence Clearwater Revival – Proud Mary
Boston – Smokin”
The Babys – Midnight Rendezvous
George Thorogood – Bad To The Bone
Billy Squier – Lonely Is the Night
Grand Funk Railroad – Some Kind of Wonderful
Sweet – The Ballroom Blitz
Ozzy Osbourne – Mama, I’m Coming Home


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