Real Rock Army

Christina Toth of Affton, MO


Christina Toth of Affton, MO joined the Real Rock Army today!

Christina listens to KSHE daily

Christina loves the KSHE personalities and thinks Lern is so much fun

Christina says the Klassics Show and the 7th Day are probably her favorite things about KSHE

Christina says the wealth of knowledge KSHE has is amazing … she says she learns something new every day

Christina is a customer support specialist with RBO Printlogistix

Christina has a fur family of two black cats, Ozzie and Leo

Christina comes from a family of music lovers, especially her dad. They can sit and talk about music for hours

Christina says it’s not uncommon for concerts to be a family affair, especially El Monstero

Christina and her family are also baseball nuts and she looks forward to hearing U-Man announcing at the stadium

KSHE songs Christina wanted to hear today:

Pink Floyd – Run Like Hell
The Rolling Stones – Beast Of Burden
Led Zeppelin – Fool in the Rain

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