Real Rock Army

Christie Tucci of St. Louis, MO


Christie Tucci of St. Louis, MO joined the Real Rock Army today!

Christie learned to love KSHE at a young age because her mom loved it. It was always on in their house and in the car. One of their favorite things to do each year was to tune in to KSHE on Easter and listen to Jesus Christ Superstar in its entirety. Sure they had the album, but there was something so cool about hearing it on the radio

Christie listens to KSHE every morning on her way to work … it’s the only thing that makes bumper-to-bumper drive bearable

Christie was on her way home from a business trip once and was talking about the KSHE Klassics Show in the airport parking lot shuttle. The lady next to her stopped her and said her daughter worked at KSHE. Christie said, “Oh my god, is it Lern!?!?”… and sure enough, it was Lern’s mom! She gave her a KSHE bumper sticker and a guitar pick. She was so excited, you would have thought she gave her $100. Her co-workers thought it was hilarious

Christie thinks Favazz is thoroughly entertaining. She especially finds his snarky social media posts hilarious

Christie is the Director of Communications at a local insurance carrier where she develops all the corporate materials like brochures, website, social media, videos, etc. Her husband, Tony, is a chef and has probably worked at nearly every restaurant on The Hill over the years. They live in South City with their golden retriever, Samantha

Christie’s favorite thing to do is go to concerts because it’s 2+ hours of pure bliss. No thinking, no worries, just rocking

Christie and her husband are foodies and they love to try new restaurants throughout St. Louis. They also love to travel and they recently went on their dream trip to Italy where they traveled their way through Rome, Florence and Venice

KSHE songs Christie wanted to hear today:

Pink Floyd – Have a Cigar
James Gang – Walk Away
The Who – You Better You Bet

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