Real Rock Army

Chris Wilmsmeyer

Name: Chris Wilmsmeyer
From: Belleville, IL
Works at: Commercial Driver at Aspen Waste System
Chris started listening to KSHE in the 80s, but became a loyal listener in the 90s when he became a trash guy.
Chris loves how KSHE has stood the test of time and how KSHE doesn’t repeat a song for an entire day!
Chris’s favorite thing about KSHE is the awesome DJs. He loves John and Lern in the mornings and Hair Band Duran!
KSHE songs that get Chris through the day: 
Van Halen – Top of the World
Whitesnake – Here I Go Again
Sammy Hagar – Can’t Get Loose & Mas Tequila
Ratt – Round and Round
White Lion – Little Fighter

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