Real Rock Army

Chris Burke

Name: Chris Burke

From: Warrenton, MO

Works at: Title Partners Agency in O’Fallon, MO

Chris is 44 and has been a lifelong KSHE listener. She has listened to KSHE for as long as she can remember because her brother and her dad have always listened to KSHE and still do!

Chris gives blood at every KSHE Blood Drive as her “good deed of the year”.

Chris says she loves to hear the music played on KSHE that you can’t hear on any other station! She also likes Favazz’s voice. 

Chris is a huge music and dog lover! She couldn’t work at a job that didn’t allow a radio!

KSHE songs that get Chris through the day: 
Great White – Rock Me
Manfred Mann – Runner
Kenny Wayne Sheperd – Deja Voodoo
Foreigner – Urgent
Cinderella – Nobody’s Fool
Loverboy – Turn Me Loose

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