Real Rock Army

Charlie Kutterer

Name: Charlie Kutterer

From: Waterloo, IL

Charlie works at SunEdison Semiconductor in O’Fallon, MO and has been a fan forever! He began listening to KSHE in 1969!

When he was in the Navy, he introduced KSHE to his buddies from all over the country! Charlie would also send mixtapes of the station to his friends.

He loves that KSHE plays harder rock than all the other radio stations!

Charlie was ranked 145th last year in March Bandness!

KSHE songs that get Charlie through the day:

Pure Prairie League – Angle #9

Bad Company – Burning Sky

raham Parker – Don’t Ask Me Questions

The James Gang – Funk 49

Led Zeppelin – Kashmir

Robin Trower – Day of the Eagle

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