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Catherine Dabrowski

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Name: Catherine Dabrowski

From: Grover, MO

Works at: Natoli Engineering Company

Catherine has been listening to KSHE since 1978! She and some friends started out sitting on a porch in North County listening to KSHE all day, every day. Catherine is now the wife and mother of four grown men, all raised on KSHE, and she has continued listening to KSHE every day in her car, at home, and all day at work!

Catherine loves the KSHE Klassics, The 7th Day, and The Morning Rock Show with U-man and Lern! She has met John several times and is always impressed by how gracious he is to his fans and listeners!

Every song Catherine listens to on KSHE brings back memories of her life in St. Louis over the last 37 years. With each new song, new memories are made! Some of her best memories are from the KSHE concerts she has attended. The promos and KSHE presence at the concerts made her love going and seeing the bands live!

KSHE songs that get Catherine through the day: 
Pearl Jam – Elderly Woman Behind the Counter
Steve Walsh – Every Step of the Way
The Rolling Stones – Gimme Shelter
Led Zeppelin – Going to California
Pink Floyd – Wish You Were Here

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