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Carter Whitson of St. Louis, MO

Carter Whitson Rrh

Carter Whitson of St. Louis, MO became a Real Rock Hero in the Real Rock Army today!

Carter was a Specialist 4, Medic in the US Army. He was one of the very last draftees called to serve in the Army during the waning days of the Vietnam Conflict. He served for 23 months and 19 days. Happily, because of all of the German I endured at Kirkwood High, instead of Vietnam, he was stationed in Germany during the Cold War. According to Ronald Reagan, we won that war. Although he was trained as a medical corpsman and earned a Combat Field Medic Badge, he served as Headquarter Company clerk of the 1/33 Armored Battalion because he could type and answer the phone

Carter got his first AM/FM transistor radio for his birthday in 1967. Since he lived in Kirkwood, KSHE was about the only station that came through strong. He cut a lot of lawns in 1968 listening to KSHE. Every car he has ever owned has KSHE set as the the #1 station. This led to interesting discoveries when he moved to different cities … not many worthwhile stations

Carter says the KSHE Klassics Show is one of the highlights of his week. He goes to 8 AM Vurch (Virtual Church), and if the priest is long-winded, he cuts him off in favor of John

Carter says one of the brightest stars on KSHE is Lern … she is a gem. He likes that she has taken over the early, Sunday morning, community affairs program. My goodness, she is well-read and always prepared

Carter is a divorced father of four, all incredible adults who have blessed us with 5.75 grandchildren. His oldest daughter is expecting their sixth at Christmas. Oh, his ex and him are back to being great friends

Carter is retired from the St. Louis Mental Health Board (MHB) where he had the privilege of giving away money for a living to address behavioral health and children’s services in the City. He currently serves on the board of Gene Slay’s Girls and Boys Club to keep his hand in the game. He has opinions and is not afraid to share them

Carter says much of his time is spent doing church work, which is a real challenge for a die-hard rationalist. He is Senior Warden at Trinity Episcopal Church in the Central West End, and a member of the Standing Committee for the Episcopal Diocese of Missouri. He would never have thought that he’d grow up to be the Church Lady

Carter dabbles in multimedia arts, and should be better than he is since his son is an art teacher in the Normandy School District. But, alas, he still can’t draw to save his soul

Carter struggles to cook low-carb meals three times a day. His life has become an episode of Chopped, when he’d love it to be the Great British Baking Show

Carter says after decades of reading academic books and articles, he exclusively reads thriller fiction these days and avoids televised news

KSHE songs Carter wanted to hear today:

Bruce Springsteen – Born In The U.S.A.
Bruce Springsteen – Born to Run
Missouri – Movin’ On


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