Real Rock Army

Bryan Simon


Name: Bryan Simon

From: Virginia Beach, VA

Works at: Colonnas Shipyard as a project superintendent working on commercial ships

About Bryan:

Bryan has never lived in St. Louis or anywhere within KSHE’s broadcast signal. But, in 1982, KSHE sponsored the Summer Jam in Kansas City (38 Special, Triumph, Loverboy, and Foreigner), and Bryan was hooked! He wore his Sweetmeat t-shirt until it literally fell off of him! There was no streaming online back then, but as soon as Bryan saw KSHE was streaming online, he was on it! 

Bryan listened to KSHE while he was in the Marine Corps stationed in Japan, Korea, Afghanistan, and Iraq – everywhere he went! He’s now retired from the Marine Corps and makes his home in Virginia Beach. Thanks to the iHeartRadio app, KSHE is a regular part of his day!

Bryan likes that KSHE lets the music do the talking, and no repeats all day long. He likes the depth of music KSHE plays, and he says that KSHE has “the best damn mascot in the business”!  

KSHE songs that get Bryan through the day:

Skid Row – Delivering The Goods (Live off B-Sides Ourselves EP); Judas Priest – Freewheel Burning; Black Sabbath – War Pigs; Van Halen – And The Cradle Will Rock; Danzig – Long Way Back From Hell & Mother; Motley Crue – Kickstart My Heart; Ozzy Osbourne – Miracle Man; Scorpions – Blackout; Montrose – Bad Motor Scooter    

Congratulations to Bryan Simon from Virginia Beach, VA, our “Listener of the Day”!

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