Real Rock Army

Bryan Dickerson

Name: Bryan Dickerson

From: High Ridge, MO

Bryan works at Ole Tyme Produce as a driver

Bryan has been listening to KSHE since 1989. His Dad introduced him to the station. He now has his daughters listening to KSHE and they all love Lern!

Bryan listens to KSHE when he wakes up, all day at work and even when he goes to bed. He likes the KSHE Morning Rock Show. He thinks U-Man and Lern are funny and likes that they give each other a hard time.

Bryan is 33 and married to his beautiful wife Holly. They have three beautiful girls name Sadie, Harlie and Mia. He is a big Red Rocker fan and makes sure to see Sammy every time he is in St. Louis.

KSHE songs that get Bryan through the day:
AC/DC – Thunderstuck
Motley Crew – Same Old Situation
ZZ Top – Sharp Dressed Man, I Gotsta Get Paid
Sammy Hagar – Heavy Metal, There's Only One Way to Rock, Red, Mas Tequila

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