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Brice Patton

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Name: Brice Patton

From: House Springs, MO

Works at: FedEx in St. Charles, MO

Brice began listening to KSHE in 1973 when he was just 8 years old!  Now he listens every morning, every evening, and throughout the day! 

Brice says KSHE gets him through the workweek!

Brice enjoys the variety of music.  He loves the Daily Dose of Led Zeppelin during his evening commute!

Brice has 2 awesome daughters and a grandson named Bryson!

KSHE songs that get Brice through the day:

Anything Led Zeppelin, Sammy Hagar, or Van Halen

Congratulations to Brice Patton from House Springs, MO, our "Listener of the Day”!

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