Real Rock Army

Brian Mitchell


Name: Brian Mitchell

From: Staunton, IL

About Brian:

Brian has been listening to KSHE as long as he can remember

Brian loves the KSHE Morning Rock Show and along with his 14 year old son, they listen every morning on the way to school and work. He really looks forward to Thursday’s for Don the Legend

Brian doesn’t have a favorite KSHE DJ, he simply likes them all

Brian is a mechanic and listens to KSHE all day at work

Brian and his wife Laura have been married 23 years and they have 3 awesome kids, aged 22, 19, and 14

Brian likes older cars, lifted trucks and motorcycles

KSHE songs that get Brian through the day:

Anything by …

Bob Seger
Tom Petty
Guns N’ Roses
Monster Truck


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