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Brenden Cobb of Moberly, MO


Brenden Cobb of Moberly, MO joined the Real Rock Army today!

Brenden says KSHE is badass and hands-down his favorite station

Brenden loves variety of classic rock featured on KSHE. Most other stations he’s listened to play strictly overplayed music. While these songs undeniably deserve recognition and may appeal to a larger audience, he likes that KSHE is constantly reconnecting him with songs he forgot about. The mix of well known and slightly more obscure songs is sure to please any listener, regardless of how familiar they are with the genre

Brenden loves the station’s history and the role KSHE has played in many of his favorite bands popularity over the years. For this reason, he’s strayed away from listening to local classic rock stations in his area – they simply don’t compare

Brenden’s girlfriend, Lauren, introduced him to the KSHE App and it has made it possible for him to enjoy the country’s best real rock station from wherever he is

Brenden got his picture taken with Sweetmeat at an El Monstero concert and he was a bit more excited about it than he would like to admit

Brenden’s mother and father have always been very influential in his taste in music. Him and his sister have been exposed to some great classic rock tunes in their day through them. His father has influenced him greatly in the genre of rock ever since he was little

Brenden works at a restaurant in his hometown called Dinner’s Ready for You and he’s always rocking out to KSHE while making food

Brenden is a Freshman at Moberly Area Community College and he is in a History of Rock Class. Best. Class. Ever

Brenden says outside of school, he enjoys exercising, taking photos, collecting vinyl records, and of course, listening to KSHE

KSHE songs Brenden wanted to hear today:

Bad Company – Rock ‘n’ Roll Fantasy
Ozzy Osbourne – Mama, I’m Coming Home
Rush – The Spirit of Radio

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