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Brandon Siess

Brandon Siess Rra

Name: Brandon Siess

From: Sullivan, MO

About Brandon:

Brandon’s favorite thing about KSHE is the fact that you have to truly have a passion for classic rock music to know almost every song that comes on and they’re not all songs that every person under the sun has heard in a car commercial

Brandon likes all the KSHE personalities

Brandon is 19 years old and from Sullivan, Missouri

Brandon is a paramedic student at East Central College in Union, MO and for the time being, he’s working at Pizza Hut in Sullivan as a delivery driver

Brandon’s hobbies include his pet birds, reading, writing, and playing video games with his friends

Brandon has been listening to KSHE and classic rock his entire life, thanks to his dad who raised him on it ever since he can remember

Brandon’s dad used to sing in some pretty well known clubs in Sacramento back in the late 70s and early 80s and he gives full credit to him for his great taste in music and for introducing him to KSHE

KSHE songs that get Brandon through the day:

The Police – Roxanne
Foreigner – Cold As Ice
The Rolling Stones – Brown Sugar
Eagles – Hotel California
Ozzy Osbourne – Bark at the Moon
Pink Floyd – Comfortably Numb
AC/DC – Big Balls
AC/DC – T.N.T.
Black Sabbath – Heaven and Hell
Eagles – Peaceful Easy Feeling
Blue Öyster Cult – (Don’t Fear) The Reaper
Iron Maiden – The Number of the Beast
Van Morrison – Brown Eyed Girl


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