Real Rock Army

Bradley Doyle of Fairview Heights, IL


Bradley Doyle of Fairview Heights, IL joined the Real Rock Army today!

Bradley likes KSHE Klassics and the “seasoned” DJ’s … U-Man, Favazz, and Mark Klose

Bradley would love to hear more of the old commercials with Ruth, and the intro’s KSHE had for news … brings back good memories

Bradley’s love of his Life is his girlfriend, Angie.

Bradley has a rescue dog named Bella

Bradley has one older brother and he is the one that got him hooked on KSHE at a very early age and he has been listening ever since

Bradley retired as a Tech Sgt. from the Missouri Air Guard after 24 years of service, including 1 tour in Desert Storm, and 2 tours in Iraqi Freedom. He currently works for the Department of Veteran Affairs and it’s the best job he’s ever had. He transports hero’s from home to their appointments and back

Bradley goes to Ranken Technical college at night

Bradley is remodeling a 100+ year old forestation to make into his home … the ultimate manacle

KSHE songs Bradley wanted to hear today:

Cream – White Room
Pink Floyd – Run Like Hell
Pink Floyd – Wish You Were Here

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